Cinematic Zealot


In this Choose Your Own Adventure style tale, Scott and his trivia team are out to take revenge on the hack director who ruined their favorite film trilogy.

Grandmother's Clause


Scott and his nana, Ester, go on the run from Nana's former sorority sister Maureen, who's out to be the last of their group to survive a tontine.

For a Few Scotts More


The second collection of Scott stories featuring more unconventional tales and a rough version of Nana's story from  Grandmother's Clause. 

A Fistful of Scotts


The third collection of Scott stories features two stories that complete a saga started in For a Few Scotts More. 

The Good, the Bad and the Scott


This is the first collection of Scott short stories and features many experimental structures as well as the first appearance of Scott's pal, Agent Ben Moore.