Academy of One: Introduction

Welcome to Academy of One.

Academy of One is a special blog post where I will re-examine, renominate, and possibly re-award the best films of the last 50 years or so, from 1967 to the present, using Academy Award nominees and categories as a template and jumping off point.

Starting next Friday, I’ll tackle the films of 2015. I want to start here because they’re still fresh in my mind and the farther back I go, the more movies I’ll have to rewatch or dig out from some kind of film vault.

I’m focusing my attentions on the six high profile categories with separate posts for Best Picture, Lead and Supporting Actor, Lead and Supporting Actress, and Best Director. If I find a year with a highly contested or interesting match up in another category, I’ll try and squeeze those in too.

I believe in the power of hindsight. I think that if I really put my mind to it and with the Internet at my disposal, I can make better, or at least more interesting, choices than the 6,000 or so members of the Academy. Yet, I should mention a disclaimer I will post at the top of every blog entry.

These are my opinions and feelings. I do not represent the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and I have no power to revoke or award Academy Awards. Consider this an alternate universe, where everything is the same except which movies get recognition and which should fade out of the canon.

The truth is, I like what I like, you like what you like. This is just one man’s opinion on the state of film of the last 50 years. I hope that what I like can be something you may not have thought of or may not have sought out on your own. I’m hoping that I can change your mind about a film you dismissed or didn’t like. I’m just hoping that my love of film can rub off on others.

So, between now and next week you can find me on Twitter @zyoungs108, you can like my Facebook page @zachyoungswrites, and visit my website, for links to where you can buy my self-published works. Also, you can read a few serialized blog stories, here on my site, that I post every Wednesday and Sunday. Academy of One posts will be available every Friday whenever I get the best chance to post them.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to dive in with you next Friday as I take a look at the Best Picture Nominees of 2015.

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