• Zach Youngs

Academy of One: Oscar Nominees 2016

At long last, the list is out, the names are set in stone and we have our official contenders for this years Oscar race. Yet, you won’t see my reactions, recasting, or reworking for a while.

It’s too often that I give hot takes before I’ve let the situation cool in my mind. I’m going to do like I did when I started these weekly posts and wait until the next Oscar race is just pulling its horses to the starting line to dig in properly. Likely it will be around September of this year, or the next logical point, before you’ll know how I really feel about the 2016 race.

It will be much more fun this way. I can let my indignation or elation settle and form a better, more eloquent opinion about the state of film for the year 2016. If you really can’t wait for some quick thoughts, follow my Twitter feed (@zyoungs108) and maybe you’ll find an insight or two.

So long from the not so distant past of December 2016 and I’ll be here this Friday with another edition of Academy of One from the not so distant past.


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