• Zach Youngs

Movie Review: Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a documentary about the controversial experiment to build a biosphere and have eight humans try to exist on only what is inside in order to see if it is a viable option for space colonization. It is directed by Matt Wolf. The film is streaming exclusively on Hulu.

I love a story of people getting together and getting things done. I especially love stories about idealists. Spaceship Earth is more than a story about a two-year experiment, it's about the people who believe in the project even nearly thirty years later they continue their attempts at developing sustainability. This is an intriguing story in that the idealists held onto their ideals, but are still incredibly pragmatic.

The real tragedy ofSpaceship Earth isn't the failure of the experiment, but that when a project like this is under intense media scrutiny, everything becomes a catastrophic event or scandal. It makes me wish projects like this could be done in privacy and only dissected once everything has already been done. The many clips with people acting as if this is a zoo for their own private amusement is infuriating. Yet in order to fund a project like this there has to be money and money corrupts science.

A documentary is like any film in that it's only as good as its story. Spaceship Earth is a wonderful documentary about the power of idealism and that when people put their minds to something, we can be engines of change. I think it's a must see.

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