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Pride Month Reviews

Often when one hears of this month, or the LGBTQ+ community, we're treated as a monolith. Just as other minority communities are spoken of as if they have one mind, the queer community is often stifled by the lack of recognition of our diversity of thought and belief. When a mainstream audience sees a queer story on screen, it's more often than not a tragedy. These stories skip the nuance and the joy for the struggle as if all our lives are lived waiting for the majority's pity to turn into empathy to give us a reason to go on.

This is why I'm skipping mainstream queer cinema for my celebration of Pride Month. That means no Milk, no Brokeback Mountain, and no Dallas Buyer's Club, which barely fits the bill anyway. For these reviews I intend to start with films that were a part of the New Queer Cinema of the 1990s and then delve into more modern and minority queer voices. Though, I also want to get cheeky and maybe make a few people mad by closing out with a review of the queer cinema schlocksterpiece, Top Gun. Here's my proposed calendar of films. I hope you watch along and we can celebrate unique voices together. I also have a watchlist of other queer films that are some of my favorites or at least stuck with me long after I've watched them.

June 2nd: The Living End (Araki, 1992)

June 9th: My Own Private Idaho (Van Sant, 1991)

June 16th: Saving Face (Wu, 2004)

June 23rd: Margarita with a Straw (Bose and Maniyar, 2014)

June 30th: Lingua Franca (Sandoval, 2020)

July 7th: Top Gun (Scott, 1986)

Queer Cinema Watchlist:

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Sciamma, 2019)

Pariah (Rees, 2011)

The Boys in the Band (Friedkin, 1970)

Mysterious Skin (Araki, 2004)

Love, Simon (Berlanti, 2018)

Happiest Season (DuVall, 2020)

Moonlight (Jenkins, 2016)

Victim (Dearden, 1961)

The Half of It (Wu, 2020)

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Akhavan, 2018)

But I'm a Cheerleader (Babbit, 1999)

God's Own Country (Lee, 2017)

Beach Rats (Hittman, 2017)

Philadelphia (Demme, 1993)

Rafiki (Kahiu, 2018)

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